Robata dining style Hatago-ya

Robata dining style Hatago-ya
180 seats maximum
"Robata dining style"

"Hatago-ya" story

We named our restaurant Hatago-ya after the place of travelers in the past, around 1600-1800, during the Edo Era. At that time, both Samurai, during unofficial travel, and general people often used this place for their lunches and suppers. They usually walked around 30 miles per day.
You can imagine how they felt and the degree of comfort they experienced after a long day of walking. They would have appreciated their stay and enjoyed local fresh dishes. We believe Hatago gave them their motivation for the next day.
Make further ventures more pleasant by being in the company of others. By constructing the Hatagoya with wood, we wish to symbolize the warmth of friendships and the spirit of different people coming together in a gathering place where new connections can be made. Fresh seafood and vegetables are prepared in front of you. The smells of charcoal-grilled food will evoke fond memories, as served by our skilled chefs. Kick back and relax while enjoying a feast for all five senses. Come and feel rejuvenated.

Welcome to "Hatago-ya"

Taste our amazing local specialties!

Kushiro is the city where Zangi was born.
Zangi with Teriyaki sauce

In the 1960's, Zangi was born in downtown Kushiro. This is why Kushiro has been famous for Zangi for a half century. It is a mainstay of Kushiro "soul food" that continues to evolve. The vanguard style is Broiled Zangi, which is juicy and crispy, and is served hot. Why not try something you have never had before?

Zangi with Teriyaki sauce

Enjoy the crunchy texture
Charcoal grilled Tsubu(shellfish)

Using only Kushiro snails, the taste of the body and liver is enhanced by the introduction of broth in the cooking process. This creates a sweet taste with a crunchy texture. It takes only one bite of this skewered delicacy to discover how special it is. To fully savor snails, the broth should be ingested, as well.

Charcoal grilled Tsubu(shellfish)

Robata dining style Hatago-ya

  • Address
    Hokkaido Kushiro-City Sakae-machi4-2
    (Suehiro Kousan Building 2nd Floor)
  • Open
    every day from 5PM-11:30PM
  • Parking and driving services are available/180 seats/
    JCB,VISA,MasterCard,DC,UC are welcome
  • Access
    40min by car from Kushiro airport/
    3min by car and 10min on foot from Kushiro Station